Episode 18: Can the Lions Win Four in a Row?


Zane D’Souza and Zachary Swiecicki conclude the week with Ashanti out of the studio.

Almost Breaking News includes the news that the Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber will not be able to play in the his position for Chicago in their three games at Wrigley.

Continuing the baseball talk, the guys break down the World Series thus far.

With Darius Slay is out for the Detroit Lions, will that make Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans look like Super Bowl contenders?

It’s already Week 8 in the NFL, Zach is making a comeback in the pick standings.

The Detroit Pistons have a lot of expectations this year, but how much success can they have if Andre Drummond struggles with foul trouble and free throw shooting?

In other NBA news: is Anthony Davis human?