Top Reads: Too Long; Didn’t Read

Do you read long form? We like to think we do, but sometimes, we just skim it. Apparently, so do the editors at SB Nation. This week Impact Sports Director Alexa McCarthy and Bradley Allen discuss the recent controversy about an article about a former college football player recently convicted of very heinous crimes.


On a lighter note, here are our other, controversy free*, top reads of the week:

  • Premier League leader Leicester City entered the season as a 5,000-1 underdog- the same chance as a bet on Elvis being alive. A look back on other incredible comebacks. From ESPN.
  • Woman spends 1,000 days and 1,000 nights walking from Australia to Siberia with nearly 70 pounds on her backpack. From espnW.
  • While less sports and more sports-adjacent, this is a deep look at how TMZ got the Ray Rice elevator video, and TMZ’s network of informants across Los Angeles. From The New Yorker.
  • *Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image is being questioned, as he’s the subject of a 1994 lawsuit against University of Tennessee. From the New York Daily News