Women’s Tennis Robbed In Chicago


The Michigan State women’s tennis team journey’d down to Chicago Saturday to showcase the team’s prowess against out of conference opponent DePaul University. But a chance to grab another win for the season wasn’t the only thing the team was robbed of.

One of the team vans was completely stripped of all the possessions that lied within it. This included all racquets and shoes to be used for the match later that day. Laptops, headphones, and personal bags with debit cards and identification were also stolen.

Anna Zelechonok, a junior from Northbrook, Illinois, was one of the many ladies who had her valuables stolen.

“We went to get lunch and came back 45 minutes to an hour later, and our car was wiped clean,” Zelechonok said. “There was no broken glass, but you could tell the windows had been tampered with and the locks had been picked. Everything was gone.”

Zelechonok knows credit cards can be cancelled and gear can be replaced, but it’s the feeling that her personal information and belongings were invaded that has her spirits crushed.

Team manager Brian L’Heureux says no one could have had their belongings stolen at worse time than senior Emily Meyers from Naperville, Illinois, who is unable to speak because she is preparing for her flight to Los Angeles, California.

L’Heureux said Meyers is off to LA to tour Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Company after she received a military defense internship with the company. According to teammates and L’Heureux, all of her business suits and watches were in a suitcase within the van that was robbed hours before her flight tomorrow morning.

According to Zelechonok, DePaul’s coach didn’t let the Spartans take a loss, despite being unable to participate in the match.

According to Michigan State Athletic Communications, the rematch between the two teams will take place on a date that has yet to be determined.