The Talented Mr. Costello

Michigan State is playing in the Final Four. Just wanted to see if it looked any more surreal in print. Tom Izzo vs Mike Krzyzewski. While 1000 wins is nothing to scoff at, none of that matters tonight. Tom Izzo’s 1-8 record vs Coach K does not matter either. What does matter, is who is going to body up with Jahlil Okafor. Everyone’s favorite big men, Matt Costello and Gavin Schilling, are left with this unenviable task.

Michigan State must play the most dominant defensive game of this 2014-2015 season. Branden Dawson must be the shot-blocker that the good lord allowed him to be and make the highlight plays that ignite this team. Dawson needs a double-double tonight with 5 blocks. Denzel Valentine must score in double digits, preferably twenty or more.

Matt Costello is a much more confident defender than when he previously played against Okafor. His games against Frank Kaminsky have proven that he is unafraid of star-lit names. If Matt can provide 8 points of offense and 4 blocks he has done his due diligence.

As for Schilling, stay out of foul trouble.

Schilling has shown flashes of being a solid finisher around the rim and a shot-blocker, but when he’s in foul trouble he can’t play like that. Matt Costello’s post game is solid, and that top of the key jumper works more often than not. If the two-headed hydra of Costelling can get a double-double each with a couple blocks, MSU wins this marquee matchup.

Final Score:  MSU 68 Duke 63