Alabama and Iowa Fans Expose All Our Feelings About College Football


The College Football Playoff rankings are in and as expected everyone is in a frenzy. Clemson is No.1 heralding the typical “ACC is weak” arguments. To everyone north of the Mason-Dixon lines’ disdain, Alabama made it to No. 4 despite being a one-loss team. Snarky tweets about ESPN’s SEC bias were potent. Alabama finds itself in front of eight undefeated teams, including Iowa dark horse and current Big Ten success story.

Pretty much no one can believe they’re undefeated and ranked No.9. Especially Alabama. A few weeks ago The Solid Verbal set up a website urging parents to talk to their kids about undefeated Iowa. And then someone decided it would make a good video.

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Then in the way of the internet, a group called Iowa Filmmakers replied with their own video, “Talk To Your Kids About SEC Myth.” It speaks to everyone’s inner disgust for the ESPN and SEC’s lovefest.

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Let the passive aggression commence.