Michael Orbain

Tahj Malik Chandler, formally known by his stage name, Saba, is a Chicago rapper characterized by his clever flow and shockingly true rhymes. Saba was a genius as a child and graduated high school at sixteen years old. Saba got his first taste of fame as a feature on Chance the Rapper’s song “Everybody’s Something” and has worked with the rapper on occasion since then.

“PROM / KING” is a two-part track that details some of Saba’s memories with his friend, cousin and fellow Pivot Gang member John Walt and the events leading up to Walt’s death. The track starts up with a simple beat paired with a piano melody. Saba recalls an early high school memory of Walt matching him up with a prom date and how it breathed life into their relationship and led to them becoming best friends. His verse on the second part of the track is noticeably angrier than the previous verses. Saba speaks of Walt’s and his rap career and their trouble finding success in the beginning. He tells of how Walt helped push his rap career forward and credits his success to him. Saba then proceeds to rap about the events leading up to Walt’s death, expressing his anger at the city of Chicago which is notorious for its senseless violence. This song serves as a farewell to a friend and a message about unjust violence in Chicago.