Songs that Make Your Roommate Think that You’re Hitting on Them


Casey Halas

It’s been over a month since you’ve moved in with your new roommate(s). Things are going well, you each have your own routine, and you’re both trying to coexist in the same space without it being awkward. Despite trying to avoid the impending awkwardness, you can’t deny the fact that there was a time you were playing music out loud and your roommate felt you were sending out some weird vibes. Maybe you were in the feels and you decided that blasting Frank Ocean was the only coping mechanism, but on the other side of the room, your roommate heard the first few lyrics of “Ivy” and immediately thought, “Wait…Are they hitting on me?” Or it’s possible you got out of the shower with your speaker that’s blaring some very suggestive music and you walk into your room only to make the most awkward eye contact you’ve ever made with another person in your life. Regardless if you’ve had the chance to experience this memorable moment with your roommate, check out our playlist, blast it through your room, and make your roommate as uncomfortable as possible.

Featured image by LWYang