Pity Party | 9.5.18


Sarah Dropsey

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The Summer Ends – American Football

Big Bird – AJJ

Dirty Sun – Infinity Girl

Shed – Title Fight

12/21 – Kayak Jones

Cool Back – Gleemer

Pallet Town -Free Throw

Sagan-Indiana – Camp Cope

School Friends – Now, Now

A Keepsake – empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)

Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts- Maritime

Smokey Eyes – Lincoln

Zoey – Safe to Say

Rats in the Walls – Culture Abuse

No Roses, No Skies – Have Heart

Life in Drag – The Hotelier


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Walk on Water or Drown – Mayday Parade

Slow Come On – Tigers Jaw

Sideways – All Get Out

Nagoya – It Looks Sad.

Song of the Summer – Remo Drive

Bathtub – Prince Daddy & the Hyena

DQ – Charly Bliss

Maid of the Mist – Diet Cig

Who Said It First – Kississippi

Dust – Cayetana

Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind – Modern Baseball

Get Bummed Out – Remember Sports

Wild Heart – Katie Ellen

What If I Saw You On The Street – Thin Lips

Summer and the Magic Trick – The Sidekicks

Chase, I Hardly Know Ya – Marietta

Let the Flames Begin – Paramore

Cough – worlds greatest dad