Dreams | Gabrielle Alpin & Bastille


Brendan McWilliams

Eerie and enchanting, Gabrielle Alpin and Bastille’s “Dreams” is a captivating transformation from the original by Fleetwood Mac. Alpin begins with what should be a rather boring ascent through the well-known melody. However, mesmerizing from the start, it sounds like a cross between a sigh and a scream. Bastille’s vocalist, Dan Smith, comes in to render a raspy, sensual verse, followed by an increasingly breathtaking duet. By the end, you feel as though both an eternity and only a moment has passed, as though waking from a dream yourself.

Originally produced for the British historical drama, Reign, “Dreams” is the product of three incredibly accomplished musicians. Alpin has released three EPs and two full albums, with English Rain being certified gold in the UK. Bastille has sold over eight million records during their short lifetime, and had the hit single “Pompeii”  which reached No. 1 on Billboard’s alternative charts in 2013. Of course, Fleetwood Mac has so many awards and hits they aren’t worth listing, with the original “Dreams” being only one.

Although both independent artists, Bastille and Alpin unite so perfectly to form a cover that comes straight from your wildest dreams. Once you hear it, you’ll play it so often it may as well be a recurring nightmare.