Lollapalooza’s Lustrous Lineup

Emma Giorelli


Midwesterners have eagerly awaited the details of Lollapalooza, the annual Grant Park, Chicago music festival which is officially back this August 2-5. The four days are always thrilling and filled with almost two hundred artists across the pop, rock, hip-hop and EDM genres.

This year’s tickets were released on March 20 and sold out in a record slow eight days in comparison to last year’s two-and-a-half hours or 2016’s less than 50 minutes. The declined sale rates might have had several contributing factors. One of them being the festivals somewhat disappointing headliners of 2017. Another possibility is other known summer music festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella having their stellar lineups already publicized and being the current talk of the music scene, leaving the public scared that Lolla was going to just be all the leftovers. Lastly, a huge factor is the country’s safety concerns around music festivals after last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

However, the anticipated lineup was released the morning after tickets dropped showcasing headliners such as The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Jack White. Crushing rumors of most of the artists that people were predicting would be there this year. Yet, the lineup is still an overall good mix of up and coming artists and big names.

When looking closer at the released 2018 day by day talent list you can see that there almost might even be too many great artists to catch them all this year. With some must-sees like blackbear, BROCKHAMPTON and The Neighbourhood. Along with returners that Lollapalooza thrives off of such as, The Arctic Monkeys and The National. They even surprisingly let Travis Scott come back this year after his 2015 Lolla performance that got him arrested mid-act. On top of all that, Michigan State University’s very own, Quinn XCII, will be taking on Grant Park’s stages for the first time which is incredibly hype.

There’s no doubt that Lollapalooza’s 27th year will be one for the books. Which has us all asking, is it August yet?

You can find the full Lollapalooza 2018 lineup here.