“Team Effort” to “Puppy” — What’s Next for BROCKHAMPTON?


Lily Stotz

BROCKHAMPTON is no stranger to keeping their fans at the edge of their seats. In December of 2017, the official BROCKHAMPTON Twitter posted an image revealing the release date of Saturation III would be December 15.  However, also displayed in smaller text was: “The last studio album by BROCKHAMPTON.” There was a lot of speculation about what the “internet’s favorite boy band” meant by this post and fans went to Reddit to discuss theories. Many speculated that the statement was all just a publicity stunt in order to hype up the release of the new album as the group’s frontman, Kevin Abstract, has a track record for stirring up controversy.

After the release of Saturation II, he pulled a similar stunt stating that there won’t be a Saturation lll and also teased not releasing Saturation lll because he was unhappy with it. In addition to creating buzz on his own, he was also retweeting rumors about the group’s supposed breakup. Other users speculated the possibility of this being their last album under the BROCKHAMPTON name. Although the theories were vast, most fans agreed it would be foolish to throw away the fame and the fanbase they had worked so hard to create.

Even before the release of their supposed “last studio album,” BROCKHAMPTON posted to Twitter on December 14 to announce their next project Team Effort without an official release date. On Tuesday of last week, they took to Twitter once again to play with the emotions of fans making the announcement that although Team Effort was planned to be released next week, they Tweeted that they  “spoke to god” and she told them to “save the album for another time.

Fans joked that given Kevin Abstract’s history of false hope followed by delivery, they still expect a possible release within the next few weeks but given Saturation lll was released less than three months ago and the group is currently touring, maybe a delayed release is the best option in order to maintain their quality and reputation.

In the spirit of the famous BROCKHAMPTON Twitter drama, the same day as they announced the delay of Team Effort they also posted a photo announcing the release of their latest project Puppy, supposedly scheduled to drop sometime in summer 2018. With the release of three albums all within the same year and the announcement of a fourth, you have to give the group credit for a work ethic that always delivers —no matter how many times they tease they won’t.

For those in Michigan, BROCKHAMPTON will be performing Sunday, July 29 at the MoPop Festival in Detroit and tickets are available now.