Throwback Thursday — Over My Head (Cable Car) | The Fray


Stephanie Stapert

The Fray, a pop-rock band from Colorado, released “Over my Head (Cable Car)” in October 2005 as their first single ever. The song is lauded for its strong, consistent beats and sentimental vocals that helped to really kick start the band’s music career. Many songs of their other songs even went on to be featured in tv shows and movies. “Over my Head (Cable Car)” specifically was in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified double platinum in 2006.  

The song’s original title, “Cable Car,” was named after Caleb, the brother of lead singer Issac Slade, before the group decided on the title we all know it as today.

The chorus clearly depicts the stress, disappointment, and overwhelming feeling felt after a fight, specifically one Slade had with his brother. Life can be very overwhelming after a fight with someone you love, and this song clearly relates to the strife and sorrow associated with disappointing or hurting those in our life. The analogies rooted in Slade’s lyrics further show the pressure to make things right before it’s too late.

Overall, “Over my Head (Cable Car)” grew the band’s popularity and allowed them to find success right out of the gate. This infamous single, which holds a dominant spot on their album “How to Save a Life,” paved the way for their  other songs, such as “Look After You” and “How to Save a Life,” to find the same, if not more, success.