I Hope to Be Around | Men I Trust


Andrew Younker

Men I Trust hail from Montreal, Canada with a nuanced, woozy sound that’s all too familiar for fans of indie pop. Their latest album, Headroom, showed a lot of promise for the little three piece group, passing around lead vocal duty like some kind of roommate chore chart. Men I Trust’s basslines are unapologetically disco, songs like “Lauren” or “Morse Code” display the band’s old soul through novel production and vocal harmonies. The ball is in their court for their forthcoming project, and if their latest single is any indication, it seems they’ve already got the tools to create something special.

“I Hope to Be Around,” the band’s third and latest single from their upcoming project, features a bouncy Top Gun-esque synth bass as Emma Bernache softly coos over understated instrumentals. The clever production only reveals itself after repeated listens — that’s when the track’s tiny little details shine through. Every chorus is a self-reflective anthem, describing the struggle to become your true self, as guitar strokes float in ecstasy around Bernache’s whispered delivery. For such a melancholy song, there’s a palpable hopefulness at its core, perhaps an indication to how we should feel for their upcoming full-length.