I Feel it on the Back of My Neck | From Indian Lakes


Olivia Dalby

From Indian Lakes has always been one of those groups where if you like one song, chances are you like them all. Although it’s not always easy to If you do your best, you can pick a couple out of thea sea of their seemingly identical songs, truly but that’s left to the die hard fans have no trouble finding their best work within their deep cuts. In more recent news, the band released a new single titled “I Feel It On The Back Of My Neck,” and surprisingly the song did something most none of their other songs have before — stand out.

“Back Of My Neck” stands as their first release since last year’s Everything Feels Better Now, and is quite the departure from their normal sound. Compared to the usual soft atmosphere the band develops, “Back of My Neck” switches to a hard, synthesized style that contrasts with lead singer Joey Vannucchi’s muted voice.

The backbone of the band has always been the instrumentals. That’s not to say Vannuchi has a bad voice by any means, but it’s never the centerpiece. On “Back of My Neck,” he pushes the limits of his vocal abilities and the overall character it creates. In doing so, the narrative, and the band’s style, changes from nostalgic to whimsical, from modern to an older era run by psychedelics. Their best song is up to the individual, of course, but “Back of My Neck” is easily one of the more memorable, stand out tracks. While the song isn’t rough around the edges, the vulnerability of the group’s older work shines through in each verse. What may be taken for granted becomes all the more poignant in comparison to the experimental hooks and instrumentals left behind before “Back of my Neck.”

Although the band’s full album has an unspecified release date currently, if you like what you heard but you can listen to more of their work here.