santa monica & la brea | blackbear


Gracen Zotter

Matthew Musto, more famously known as hip hop artist and producer blackbear, has been hard at work preparing to drop his forthcoming album Cybersex, due on November 27. The album will be Musto’s fourth under the moniker blackbear, following up Digital Druglord, which he released back in April. His fourth and most recent single off Cybersex, “santa monica & la brea,” debuted last Friday, and follows up his three other singles “playboy shit”, “bright pink tims”, and “up in this.” On October 6, he announced on Twitter that, “a song will drop every Friday, so unless he falls short on his promise, fans we should be able to expect three more songs before the official release later this month.

Contrasted with the album’s previous three singles,“santa monica & la brea” slows things down a bit and creates a nice change from what he usually produces. Although, Musto’s general vibe of  depressing, yet relatable, lyrics with upbeat instrumental remain present on this track nonetheless. In the song, he contemplates what life would be like if he’d never met a specific person — presumably a lover — in his life. With soft inflection he sings, “What if we never met? / Wondering in pointless conversations / What if we never said ‘Hello’ and ‘What’s your name?’ before opening up fully about the toxic relationship he’s in during the chorus.

Blackbear has collaborated with many artists in the past, and most likely many more to come, seeing how three of the four songs off Cybersex already features other artists. Some of his most notable collaborations include Tinashe, Juicy J, Hoodie Allen, and Mike Posner, whom he formed the hip-hop duo Mansionz with in 2016.

If you can relate to the struggles of getting over a relationship and finding someone better, drinking too much, and regretful decisions, then I suggest you give blackbear your full attention.

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