Bae | The Front Bottoms


Autumn Miller

Being punk ain’t easy, except for if you’re The Front Bottoms. After their 2015 release, Back on Top, the first look into what the New Jersey natives could do with clean production, fans were left wondering what was to come from the guys who seemed to glamorize garage jam sessions. But upon hearing their angsty cries from far and wide mature a little on their latest album, Going Grey (released on Oct. 12), TFB have certainly secured their spot in the pop-punk scene.

“Bae,” the third song on the record, is initially, and naturally, an eyeroll-worthy track on the first listen. Hoping to have left this word in 2013, it feels juvenile, but the whole premise of the song is the exact opposite. Brian Sella, lead vocalist and guitarist for the group, sings about the trials and errors that routinely occur as he gets older, and how sometimes strapping on big boy pants for the one he loves is the better alternative to that of the girls he left behind in his early 20s.

Fueling the dance-around-your-room effect TFB’s music gave us all years before, “Bae” refuels that same feeling, but a ladder rung up. Honing the classic intro of pounding drums and repetitive chords that are the equivalent to the the finger-tapping you’d do on your desk while listening to them, this song deserves to be added as another respectable post-college anthem in their arsenal. “I learned that love tastes good, you shoved it in my mouth,” proves itself to be forceful, but like the maturer image they’re trying to convey, it’s just a reminder that settling down can be kind of punk too.

You can see The Front Bottoms with Bad Bad Hats and Basement at The Fillmore tonight. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Additionally, you can check out their full album, Going Grey, below