Songs To Fill the Void After Finishing A Great Book Series


Impact Content Team

Written by Andrew Younker

It’s 11:40 p.m. Your room is dark, aside from the dim light omitting off the tiny lamp you always keep next to your bed. There was a little bit of rain earlier but you failed to really notice it. You just finished the last Harry Potter book in the seven-part series and it’s starting to hit you that every character you learned to care about over that time is completely gone. You start to realize the unfortunate truth, which is they never existed in the first place, except in your extravagant imagination. The impending dread has already begun to sink in and you’re not sure how to cope with the myriad of feelings. Don’t worry, we have just the music you need for this catastrophic situation.

We crafted this playlist specifically for people like you, who need a little background music while you wallow and revel in life’s mysteries. Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Swans, and more, these guys will help you sort through those abstract emotions while you give your brain time to rewind and critically review what you just spent the last few months of your life doing. Surely there’s more to life than mourning the loss of fictional people in a fictional world. Is there something for us besides ink on paper and the spine that keeps it all together? The mind can’t just be playing cruel tricks on us, forcing us to form these deep, genuine connections to fantasy characters only to rip them away from us, can it? Transitioning back to reality can be hard, leading us to question a lot, but we hope our playlist helps you make a much smoother transition.