Strangest Thing | The War on Drugs


Jonathan Shead

Philly-based indie rock band The War on Drugs has proven they’re a band that can withstand the test of time, although the evidence has been pretty clear up to now. Frontman Adam Granduciel formed the band back in 2005 after a budding friendship began with him and Kurt Vile, and right away their first two albums gained them favorable reviews and a considerable fan base. Although Vile didn’t stay with the band long, Granduciel continued producing music and continued to thrive. Which brings us to the present day…

The War on Drugs recently released their third single, “Strangest Thing,” off their forthcoming album A Deeper Understanding, which comes out via Atlantic Records on August 25. The song begins slow with keyboardist Robbie Bennett providing an ambient melody floating atop a simple 2/4 drum beat. Ambiance continues for roughly two minutes before feeling the intensity of the song crescendo. Sitting at 6:41 long, this song resembles the rising of tides on a dark night through the way its intensity grows in waves — just wait for the wailing guitar solo at 4:30.

“Strangest Thing” proves to be yet another one of those wonderfully crafted and produced songs released by the group. The band’s perennial ability to create songs with such depth and emotion tends to be one of reasons they’re so widely accepted and listened to. And when considering the success of their two previously released singles from the album — “Thinking of a Place” and “Holding On” — I think it’s safe to assume their upcoming album will not disappoint.