Impacter’s Choice | Road Trip Tunes


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

Summer is chock-full of long car rides. Whether it be going somewhere on a whim with your best friends or heading upstate to the same location with your parents every year, hours spent on the road naturally coincide with the season. While some may dread them more than the hot, sticky heat itself, others look forward to it like the cool breeze that follows. Mostly, this is because they bring the prime chance to listen to good ol’ road-tripping music for a period much longer than deemed normal.

Us at Impact each have perfectly-crafted playlists for expeditions like this, and we combined our favorite songs from each of ours to give you a nonsensical yet logical list of tunes to jam out to and sing proudly to as you cruise down your favorite highway. Just make sure the windows are down. Always make sure the windows are down.