Sun Tan | Wallows


Autumn Miller

With warmer days settling in and an abundance of sunshine, all of us in the Northern Hemisphere are basking in the heat and glow of summertime. What better song to detail our favorite activity in these balmy months than the newest release from the Los Angeles-founded band, Wallows?

“Sun Tan” is the second single for the group, which, like the former, “Pleaser,” reeks of influence from The Strokes. But hey, I’m not complaining one bit. A bit mellower than its counterpart, “Sun Tan” isn’t just about getting a little more golden. The two lead singers, Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters, croon about a time when they were…a little under the influence…and can’t properly get their thoughts across to the person of their affections. “How can I explain it to you / When I can’t talk at all?,” the two ask, and realizing that they won’t be able to, they float on, trying to get their sun tan on and later heal it. It’s a process that’s only natural.

Somewhat monotone in its vocals, the song drones on and on but doesn’t leave your tapping feet lonely- or your need to belt it loudly while breezily cruising. Equally heavy on drums and guitar yet still silky smooth, it effortlessly glides on. Featuring a swanky trumpet solo towards the latter end of the track, it gives it that little bit of grit it needs to differentiate it from other generic alt-rock tracks. Don’t confuse this with pretension though. Essentially, it encompasses the feel of that really good band from your high school that could seriously rock a garage performance, giving it that authentic feel that college radio stations—hey, that’s us!— are most certainly here for.