Thee Hourz O’ Power 5/18/17


Victor Ramirez


Rainbow – Stargazer

Dio – Invisible

Black Sabbath – Falling Off the Edge of the World

Heaven And Hell – Bible Black

Tyr – I [Black Sabbath Cover]

Dark Art Festival (5/19 at The Avenue)

Dagon – Demons in the Dark

Dark Tranquillity – Icipher

Divine Element – Thaurachs Of Borsu

Hype up the Windhand Show (5/20 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale) with Satan’s Satyrs

Windhand – Woodbine

Arsis – We Are The Nightmare [request]

Below – Hours Of Darkness

The Wizards – Leaving The Past Behind


Hype up the Deicide show (5/25 at Harpos in Detroit)

Deicide – Dead But Dreaming

Obituary- Internal Bleeding

Kalopsia – Destined To Return

Immolation – Put My Hand in the Fire

Bacchus leaving

Mastodon – Crack The Skye

Rhapsody Of Fire – Dawn Of Victory

Bacchus bitches about Amon Amarth

Nargaroth – Conjunction Underneath The Alpha Weel

Wormwitch – Everlasting Lie

12 AM

Highland – Loyal To The Nightsky

Highland – Towards The Absolute

Highland – Burning In Forgotten Times

Highland – Cycle Of The Eternal Wheel

Highland – Wallachian Night Terror

Highland – Abu Sindi

Highland – Immortal Queen

Highland – T.S.F.T

Highland – Set Aflame The Path To Zion

Highland – Rituals In The Twilight’s Darkness

Concluding thoughts on the feature

1 AM

Pentagram – All Your Sins

The Night Flight Orchestra – Midnight Flyer

Beastmaker – Evil One

Satan – Trial By Fire

Judas Priest – One Shot At Glory

Talk about new Midnight Odyssey compilation double album

Midnight Odyssey – The Night Has Come For Me

Mountains Crave – Clear Light Of The Void

Alcest – Faiseurs De Mondes