DJ Spotlight of the Week | Lorenza Centi


Jasmine Abbasov

Our new DJ Spotlight of the Week is Lorenza Centi! Not only is she a DJ here at Impact, but she is also our Head Graphic Designer! When she’s not studying, you guessed it, graphic design, she’s in the studio from 12PM-2PM on Thursdays. Make sure to call in and request Beach House at 517-884-8989!

1. What made you decide to join Impact and become a DJ?

I started working at Impact as a graphic designer and realized I have a big mouth and a lot to say 😉

2. What has been your best on air experience?

Anytime I get to do dual drops/have conversations with another DJs on air is my favorite.

3. How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life experience?

Definitely. It has made my realize how much I love working with musicians and in the music field and I hope to further that career path mixed with graphic design after college.

4. What is your favorite part of the station?

The family dynamic the station has has got to be my favorite.

5. If you could play an artist non-stop on the air, which would it be?

Daft Punk.

6. What is the best concert experience you have had? Why?

Hinds’ show was the best experience I’ve had because they let fans get onstage and I was able to be one of those people to sing their final song.