Impacter’s Choice | Our Favorite Jams


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

Playlists are the best examples of audio art forms. In most circumstances, they’re perfectly constructed with a certain mood, event, or time of the year in mind. They aid in incapsulating what you want to ultimately feel, and are pretty convenient when they’re already pre-made. But what would happen if instead, there was a just a playlist created by us here at Impact with just our all-time favorite jams?

At WDBM, we pride ourselves on having a fairly pristine and refined music taste. We don’t really need a specific theme to make a playlist utterly amazing and worth-sharing; we just already have an arsenal of songs in our back pockets, prepped and ready for those who are willing to listen. This isn’t meant to say that we have a better taste in music than any other college student, but this is also a way to say, yeah, we do. We won’t shove our earbuds in your ears, forcing you to listen to album upon album of synthesized luxury, but we must say that the playlist we’ve crafted for this week, our favorite jams, will make it nearly impossible for you not to beg us to.