Malibu 1992 | COIN


Grace McKelvey

With the release of their new song ”Malibu 1992” last week, COIN has showed us a whole new side of to their abilities as a band. The band’s new single provides quite the change of pace from their usual upbeat, cheerful songs like “Talk Too Much.” “Malibu 1992″ takes a turn from COIN’s quintessential indie-pop sound, slowing things down a little. It’s not a song to serenade your passenger seat with, but one to look off into the distance and pretend you’re in a sentimental music video to.

“Malibu 1992” tells the classic tale of “the one that got away,” full of regrets from the past and longing for more time together. The slow and simple back beat helps keep the focus on the lyrics and really hone in on that hopeless feeling. With no distracting theatrics, it almost forces one to reflect and reminisce on their own personal “one that got away,” and what could have been. This new side of COIN will surely have you feeling sappy.