Afterglow | 3/12/2017


Ivan Wolyniec

Wow! This week your friend and mine TRAVIS ROOT dropped by with a nice collection of songs for us and some pleasant c

Chilean Sunset – LRKR
Air Lock – Kona Triangle
Sea of Voices – Porter Robinson
Hypnosis – The Grand Imposter
Gamewinner – Vulfpeck
They Don’t Love You Like I Do – Maximum Love
Open Eye Signal – Jon Hopkins
Pursuer – Sound of Ceres
Cry – Made in Heights
Modulator Mix – Air
Kettering – The Antlers
Solar Sailor – Daft Punk
Hyperlips – Com Truise
Space Song – Beach House

Nice, eh? And a reminder, two weeks back we had a guest playlist by our beloved DJ Cookiemonsta!

Twin River – Big Scary
Another Parachute Ending – The M Machine
Focus Sphere – Ethrelite
Colors 1 – Mr Green
Isabelle – Solar Fields
Garden of Veggies – Fantasy Guys
Vegetable Eater – Naran Ratan
The Game Has Changed – Daft Punk
Keep Smiling – Saib
Sunday Night 1987 – M83
Hummin in the Sun – Black Monk
One Minute to Midnight – Justice

Whoa, what a ride!