The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home | Declan McKenna


Grace McKelvey

After sparking controversy over his last hit “Brazil,” Declan McKenna does not disappoint with recently released “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home.” Written in light of the Paris attacks, McKenna writes about frustration surrounding homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, racism, and more. He challenges authority figures, namely parents and politicians, calling in to question why they are allowed so much power in the first place. Politicians are said to be corrupt, but are in charge of our country and are making our must crucial decisions, most of which don’t even involve the generation making them anymore. They affect the future—our generation.

It’s no secret that parents are unsure about how our generation is handling these issues. But they aren’t doing anything to solve it; they’re aiding it by attempting to shield us from the problem. We know the issues and we see the world deteriorating around us. The music video brings inside perspective from the constantly criticized generation during instrumental breaks in the song to really hammer home his ideas. We want to change what we see, despite what adults may think.  Declan McKenna may not have the most gifted voice, but his talent shows through his words.