Follow the Leader | Foxygen

Follow the Leader | Foxygen

Andrew Younker

Where have the old souls gone in the indie scene? Where’s the crooning and cawing? Where’s the magic? If you find yourself asking these simple questions, Foxygen may have the answer for you.

“Follow the Leader” sheds Foxygen’s lo-fi approach to their first few albums and decides to strike right on the nose. Sam France’s vocals aren’t squashed in the mix, and every instrument has more wiggle room. This breath of life in the form of professional production is accented by more orchestration than the band used in the past.

Horns and keys make up the verse, but the chorus is an extravagant and beautiful flourish of sound. Strings feather in the crescendo while France cries out about the ever present longing to be someone else. He reminds us we are in charge of our own path, “Follow the leader, Follow the leader, And the leader is you.”

This is where things really open up. The violins take the front seat as the walking bass line dances up and down for everyone’s aural pleasure. Clacking percussion, trumpet shots, the coda of this song is seriously something else. Of course, Foxygen really likes to wear their influences on their sleeve, and I’m getting serious ELO vibes on this cut. Not necessarily a bad thing since Foxygen seem to be in their own lane right now. And if something like that turns you off from this killer track, you’re truly missing out.

Hang is out January 20th, 2017 on Jagjaguwar records.