Jupiter | C Duncan


Hannah Johnson

For four minutes and 22 seconds, “Jupiter” will take you to space if you let it.

Whether you’re trying to space out or trying to get with someone whose out of this world, turn on the tenth track from C Duncan’s The Midnight Sun, and let the song do all the work for you. Close your eyes and zone out and let this song’s slow, chill beats make time and space irrelevant for a few minutes, or make your move on that cutie with a bootie to the same slow, chill beats.

All space puns aside, the slow but steady rhythm of “Jupiter” is perfect for anyone who enjoys alternative or indie rock, which the album is labeled as on iTunes, or even anyone who’s looking to branch into, or out from, a more r&b vibe. Put it on to enjoy all on your own, or impress your friends with a song that’s sure to please but is still new and fresh and interesting.