Episode 14: Sports, Sports Everywhere


Zachary Swiecicki

Ashanti Seabron, Zachary Swiecicki, and Zane D’Souza start Episode 14 by discussing two superstars, one up-and-coming and the other a former great trying to make a comeback…we’ll let you guess who we’re talking about.

Tim Tebow has healing powers? What can’t the man do?

The MLB Championship series are underway and the guys make their picks.

The Detroit Lions beat the Eagles last week and then signed Justin Forsett early this week, are they back on track heading into their week six matchup versus the Rams?

Speaking of week six…The Bandwagon makes their NFL picks after a shakeup in the standings last week.

Last but not least, the Detroit Red Wings’ season has just started – listen to find out what to expect this season.