The Basement 8/18/16


Meghan Zimmerman

Breathe Owl breathe- Swimming

Kim Vi and the Siblings- Josephine

Dear Tracks- Soft Dreams

The Fiction Junkies- Unraveled

Rosco P- Blue Benjamins

All Is Well- Let Go

Hot Mulligan- Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire Extinguisher

Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe- Only So Young

Rent Strike- Directyle Disfunction

Full Monty- Charades

Stoop Lee- Stoop Na Na

Drowned Out ( Alaska)- Oakridge

Rival Summers- Tired Eyes

Tiny Ugly Germs- Gray Sub-Compact

Young Pioneer- Playing Pretend

Jason Alarm- Wild Zero

Sewn- Cactus

Frontier Ruckus- Ontario

Marvels- So Drone

Entransient- Take What’s Left

Desmond Jones- Mt. Meesha

Grey Matter- Knots

Peter Hochstedler- O My Brain

Secret Grief- Aokigahara

The Plurals- Crush