Thee Hourz O’ Power – 6/30/16




Blind Guardian – Traveler In Time

Earthship – Safeguard Of Death

Electric Wizard – Vinum Sabbathi

Burzum – Key To The Gate

Hellhammer – Messiah

Kvelertak – Nattesferd

Skeletonwitch – Within My Blood

Kataklysm – Taking The World By Storm

Starkill – Whispers Of Heresy

Blackguard – The Fear Of All Flesh

Be’lakor – Grasping Light

Wolf Hoffmann – Scherzo


Metallica – The Call Of Ktulu

Forteresse – Le Sang des Heros

Neige et Noir – Battlespirit

Death – Denial Of Life

Violent Scum – The Secret Cult Of Darkness

Dark Angel – Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)

Enforcer – Nightmares

Aftershok – Friend Or Foe

Necromancing The Stone – The Siren’s Call


Denner / Shermann – Angel’s Blood

Denner / Shermann – Son Of Satan

Denner / Shermann – The Wolf Feeds At Night

Denner / Shermann – Pentagram And The Cross

Denner / Shermann – Masters Of Evil

Denner / Shermann – Escape From Hell

Denner / Shermann – The Baroness

Denner / Shermann – Servants Of Dagon

Bolt Thrower – Plague Bearer

Destroyer 666 – Sons Of Perdition

Exumer – Possessed By Fire


Dark Winter – Beneath The Waves

Wolves In The Throne Room – Face In A Night Time Mirror

Black Fucking Cancer – A Sigil Of Burning Flesh

Vex – To Anacreon (Strangling The Muse)

Black Sabbath – The Sign Of The Southern Cross

Equilibrium – Verbrannte Erde

Ensiferum – Heathen Throne

Tyr – I (Black Sabbath cover)