Impact to host Rob Rosenthal event


Ashlee Krawczyk

Impact 89FM Presents: Story Craft: A Talk by one of America’s Best Podcast & Radio Teachers. Rob Rosenthal on Storytelling

When: February 25 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Wonders Kiva
Cost: Free!

America’s Top Podcasting Teacher is coming to MSU!

You can become a better storyteller in less than an hour! Rob Rosenthal hosts the respected podcast HowSound and oversees Transom, an organization that provides hands-on training and workshops to podcasting and radio professionals around the world. Transom exists to inspire new voices, regardless of experience or background, to engage in good storytelling.

Rosenthal has trained hundreds of podcasters in the last 18 years, from Ira Glass from This American Life to various professionals at NPR.  

So what is in this for you? You’ll get to hear some of Rob’s favorite radio stories and what made them stand out. Carry this information to your classes to write better papers, create more engaging projects or simply learn more about what makes an impactful story.