West Coast | FIDLAR


Riley James

Even though it’s only Thursday, much like FIDLAR, I’m “checked out, I’m waiting for the weekend.”

FIDLAR’s “West Coast” makes me long for the summer days that are so far away. I fantasize about driving down the California coast with the windows rolled down so my hair can whip in every direction possible while this song blares through my headphones.

The music video for “West Coast” features footage of the crazy atmosphere at FIDLAR shows, the band giving each other stick ‘n’ poke tattoos, and the band partying. Much like other FIDLAR songs, Zac Carper sings about drugs, skipping school, and being unemployed. Although this may not be the best advice, “West Coast,” with its loud instrumentals and upbeat rhythm, makes for a catchy tune.

“West Coast” was originally released in 2012 on an EP called Shit We Recorded in our Bedroom, but was also added to their new album, Too, which was released in September.