Mandy | Barry Manilow


Becky Stanish

Yeah, today’s jam is a Barry Manilow song.

Before you start asking questions, the Impact was not taken over by grandmas hoping to freshen up on today’s best music. The last time you probably listened to “Mandy” was in an elevator somewhere, or maybe in a waiting room. Don’t dismiss this hit, though, because if you blast this one at full volume it can be the greatest banger known to all humankind.

Barry just slams it when he screams out for Mandy, holding us prisoner when the violins come crashing in. If you still doubt the coolness level of this song, at least appreciate it for the legend behind the music. Barry Manilow wasn’t just your grandma’s hottest crush, he also co-wrote pretty much all of your favorite jingles (State Farm’s classic “Like a Good Neighbor,” and Band-Aid Brand’s “Stuck on Me”).

So right now, all that’s left for you to do is slide in some “Mandy,” and get low with the legendary Barry Manilow.