On Melancholy Hill | Gorillaz


Tess Hoopingarner

I realize that this is an older song, but it’s still perfect for your daily walk to class five years later.

“On Melancholy Hill” is exactly what is says: melancholy. Class is not exactly the best place to be walking to. I know I would much rather be headed to my bed or a free buffet of all my favorite foods, but no, it’s hump day and I am headed to my three-hour lab, or something crazy. “On Melancholy Hill”, we are headed back to that same place we were last week and don’t want to be now.

That’s why I love Gorillaz. They make a sort of haunting and eerie song, but it has a little tinge of something sweet. When it is a little gloomy, and I can’t pinpoint how I am feeling about things, I put on this song. Afterwards, I feel a little bittersweet and nostalgic.

It just feels right for a mid hump-day song on a foggy October day.