No Life For Me | Wavves x Cloud Nothings


Joey Sprow

For all the fans of both Wavves and Cloud Nothings, do I have the treat for you: Wavves x Cloud Nothings, a collaboration between the two bands, has just released a surprise album titled No Life For Me.

“No Life For Me”, the title track off the album, gives the listener just what they would expect. Starting with a Nathan Williams verse that sounds like it could have been lifted off King of the Beach, the song gives way to pre-chorus much more reminiscent of Cloud Nothings’ sonic territory before going into loud, duet-chant of a chorus. The song is driving and fun, debatably bringing more energy in just over three minutes than Wavves managed on the entirety of Afraid of Heights.

“No Life For Me” leaves the impression that both artists feel reinvigorated, leaving the listener interested not just for the rest of this collaboration, but for what happens next in each band’s career.