Asian Music Mondays | Rock Edition


Jessica Lee

One Ok Rock came out with 35XXV in February of this year. The album was well composed and, to my surprise, all recorded in the United States. My favorite song was “Heartache”. The album has amazing flow. It’s a great listen, but listener’s discretion is advised as there is inappropriate language in a few songs.

I wish One Ok Rock the best of luck and thank them for coming to Michigan two weeks ago! I heard it was an amazing show and I’m super excited for the next mini-album!

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ONE OK ROCK – “Take Me To the Top” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Cry Out” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Suddenly” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Mighty Long Fall” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Heartache” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Decisions” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Paper Planes” (Japan, 2015)
Band-Maid – “Surreal”
ONE OK ROCK – “Good Goodbye” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “One by One” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Stuck In the Middle” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Fight the Night” (Japan, 2015)
ONE OK ROCK – “Pieces of Me” (Japan, 2014)
ONE OK ROCK – “The Beginning” (Japan, 2013)
动力火车 / Power station – “彩虹 / Rainbow” (Taiwan, 2004)
Scandal – “Doll” (Japan, 2012)
TRAX – “Oh! My Goddess” (Korea,2010)
崔健 / Cui Jian – “花房姑娘 / Huafang Guniang” (China, 1989)
姜昕 / Jiang Xin – “潘多拉 / Pandora” (China, 2004)
M&D – “Close Ur Mouth” (Korea, 2011)
CNBLUE – “I’m Sorry” (Korea, 2013)
Mayday / 五月天 – “Zhiming and Chunjiao / 志明与春娇” (Taiwan, 1999)
Bodyslam – “One Day I Will Be Good Enough / สักวันฉันจะดีพอ” (Thailand, 2010)
Hei Bao Band / 黑豹乐队 – “No Shames / 无地自容” (China, 1992)
Beyond – “Earth / 大地” (Hong Kong, 1988)
Flumpool – “Binetsu Rifurein / 微热リフレイン” (Japan, 2013)
Manju Pocket – “Go for A Drink” (Korea, 2015)
Grape T – “Lovely Days” (Korea, 2013)