The State – 02/18/22

Rachel Fulton

BSA selects Chocolate R.O.S.E court to be face of Black MSU

This past Sunday, BSA hosted its first annual Chocolate R.O.S.E Ball to give students who didn’t have prom, an experience.

Students came in their prom attire and the Chocolate R.O.S.E. were revealed. The R.O.S.E court stands for Royalty of Societies Ebonics. BSA was looking for candidates who would be the voice of the Black community as MSU, while choosing the court.

The winners of the court were psychology junior Ajhane’ Kindle and biological science education sophomore Daveeda Fitih Turner were crowned Queen and Monarch and pre-nursing freshman Jenessa Ediagbonya and communications junior Christian Parker were crowned princess and prince.

Kindle and Fitih Turner both received a $150 scholarship.

BSA campus representative, Marcus McDaniel said BSA is expecting the court to team up with BSA to improve the black community at MSU socially and academically.

Mcdaniel said whenever they’re doing major protests and events these are the people who represent the greater Black MSU, not just members of BSA.

BODYTRAFFIC at the Wharton Center

With rave reviews from the LA Times and President Barack Obama, BODYTRAFFIC is a critically acclaimed contemporary dance company out of Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, BODYTRAFFIC is coming to the Wharton Center under the wing of artistic director Tina Berkett, who launched this dance company in 2007.

Berkett expressed, when she and her dancers started the company, they wanted to fulfill their dreams of dancing and the response they’ve received from Los Angeles was successful.

After getting recognition from New York, the city of dance, they began traveling nationally and internationally.

Berkett made sure the success of BODYTRAFFIC didn’t get to their heads and put their health, wellness, and friendship above popularity.

Also, according to Berkett you can find the company on the town after shows celebrating. She believes that love brings connection onto the stage.

BODYTRAFFIC and Berkett have hopes about performing arts after the pandemic and create a discussion about arts and its significance.

Complaint filed against Lansing laboratory responsible for 159 guinea pig deaths

A complaint has been filed against a Lansing laboratory, Emergent Biodefense, that killed 159 guinea pigs after a malfunctioning fire suppression system sprayed chemicals into the room housing the animals.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now, a national watchdog organization that investigates animal abuse and illegal activities at U.S. research facilities, are seeking the maximum penalty of $10,000 per infraction/per animal, which could generate a $1.59 million fine.

The animals were being used in an anthrax experiment.

According to SAEN, Over 50% of the lab’s 24,000 guinea pigs are used in experiments without anesthesia.

SAEN affirms that this incident violates federal law and regulations indicated in the Animal Welfare Act for animal handling and functioning of the laboratories’ Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee.

Based on original reporting by Janelle James, Liz Nass, Wajeeha Kamal. Script by Shakyra Mabone.