Top 5 Albums of 2021: Noah Bosch


Noah Bosch

As we wrap up the year, we’re sharing some of our staff members’ favorite albums of the year. Here’s Noah Bosch’s list.

5. Wednesday – Twin Plagues

Wednesday proves that grunge never really left with their 2021 album “Twin Plagues” which features enough grime and grit to make anyone wanna tear their jeans up and skip class. The dirty instrumentals and hard distortion are complimented wonderfully by the leader singers light and pained tonality. Fans of grunge and those looking for new rock without wanting to venture too far from the norm can feel at home with this album.

4. Tory Lanez – Alone at Prom

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while I’m sure The Weeknd is VERY flattered by Tory Lanez newest album “Alone At Prom” I bet he’s impressed too. Tory’s silky vocals float powerfully over synth heavy 80’s beats packed to the brim with nostalgia and bravado. Tracks like “The Color Violet” and “87’ Stingray” will have you feeling like the star of a coming of age film singing their heart out in the rain with ease.

3. Magdalena Bay – Mercurial World

“Mercurial World” transports the listener into a mystical world pixie dusted wonder. Every song is rich in energy and depth, creating an entirely unique experience with each listen. Tuning into “Mercurial World” is like opening your own pocket galaxy, with sparkling fragmentations of sound encircling you with stunning glory.

2. Aesop Rock x Blockhead – Garbology

Long time collaborators Aesop Rock and producer Blockhead prove that even old dogs can learn new tricks with this underground hip-hop album. A scorned Aesop Rock lays multi layered simmering metaphors over Blockheads grimy beats. Both artists have aged like fine wine in their years in the underground, and they prove that experience and passion can lead to masterpieces even 20 years down their career paths.


binki’s “MOTOR FUNCTION” plays like a short burst of pure youthful adrenaline. In its concise 11 minute run time across 4 songs, “MOTOR FUNCTION” is as action packed as it is infectious. Its racing drums and addictive bass rifts will make any listener feel monetarily invincible, with Binki’s confident drawl only adding to the sense of juvenile wonder.

You can listen to Noah’s entire Top 5 Albums of 2021 playlist below.