Playlist | Songs For When You Regret Signing a Lease With Your Roommate


“Roommate” by naraekim0801 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Entertainment Team

Has your roommate ever snuck a cat into your apartment even though you’re allergic to cats? Does your roommate just absolutely never clean up after themself? Has your roommate ever said some really weird shit that makes you wonder why you decided to live with them? If so, this is the playlist for you. It was made with two feelings in mind: anger and vengeance. For when you’re just totally enraged with your roommate’s every move, listen to “Raise Hell” or “Die You Fuck.” Feel free to jump around your room and scream — what are they going to do, stop you? These angry songs starkly contrast the other songs for when you want revenge. Has your roommate been loudly chatting on FaceTime with their annoying new girlfriend every night until 1 a.m.? Do they try to impress her by singing even though they sing a little worse than a sick dog? Then connect to your speaker and play “Baby Shark” and “Axel F” at full volume. Seek your revenge and never let them feel peace. This is a battle for respect, for honor and most of all, for glory. You’re at war now, kid. Blast those tunes and give them hell.